Inquiry of the Special Advisor on Federal Court Prothonotaries' Compensation / Enquête du conseiller spécial sur la rémunération des protonotaires de la Cour fédérale

  The Governor in Council, by way of Order in Council P.C. 2012-991, created the position of Special Advisor to the Minister of Justice, whose mandate is to undertake an external review of, and advise on, the adequacy of the salaries of the prothonotaries of the Federal Court. The Order in Council determined that, in conducting the inquiry, the Special Advisor shall consider:

  • the nature of a prothonotary’s duties;
  • the salary and benefits of the appropriate comparator groups;
  • the prevailing economic conditions in Canada, including the cost of living, and the federal government’s overall economic and current financial position;
  • the role of financial security in ensuring the prothonotaries’ independence;
  • the need to attract outstanding candidates to the office of Federal Court prothonotary; and
  • any other objective criteria that the Special Advisor considers relevant.

By way of Order in Council P.C. 2013-168, the Honourable J. Douglas Cunningham, Q.C., was named the special advisor on Federal Court Prothonotaries’ Compensation.

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